Back to Basics - Promotional notebooks and notepads

Back to Basics
One of the more interesting trends in the corporate promotional gift market is the sudden demand for more traditional items such as branded notebooks for use in conferences and meetings. In a market which has an increasing number of tech items, it can come as a surprise that some of the more classic branded merchandise still has a big part to play.

Branded notebooks for conferences and meetings are in demand. People like them. They’re tangible, physical and tactile, and offer a quality and reliable place for writing, notes and ideas – personal, business, or even secret, and one day perhaps, to be published for all the world to see! Unlike computers and tablets, notebooks don’t crash!

A notebook for every occasion
For creative people, a branded notebook is an indispensable tool for intellectual work. A notebook is one of the simplest ways to record ideas using writing implements. Graphic artists, Illustrators, architects and tattoo artists use notebooks as sketchbooks to put their initial ideas on paper. Musicians and composers also use notebooks to make sure that sudden inspiration for song texts or melodies are recorded as quickly as possible. At conferences and meetings a branded notebook can be a vital tool for recording what has been said

Prepare in Style
A conference notebook is the perfect solution for anyone who is attending meetings and wants to record, collect and organize information effectively on a regular basis. Concept Incentive customers can now purchase branded notebooks in many different styles.

Through the times
The well-known Moleskin notebook brand (available with over branding) is successor to those age-old legendary notebooks used by artists and writers, such as literary icons Ernest Hemingway and travel writer, Bruce Chatwin.

More than meets the eye
Branded notebooks have many different uses and benefits that are sometimes not immediately apparent. The potential user has the practical benefits of a branded notebook while offering businesses the opportunity to promote and market their brand message to a target market. Even in this age of digitalization, the demand shows that users prefer to use a classic print product as opposed to a highly acclaimed Smartphone App.


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