Branded Promotional Power Banks

Branded Power banks – aka external battery packs – are the newest and latest addition to the ever-increasing electronic family of promotional products. There is no doubt that their popularity has grown exponentially this year. And the reasons why should not be a surprise to anyone.

The time has gone now since people have stopped just using a phone – today people use a number of tech gadgets throughout the day. Everyone therefore appreciates and agrees that, when the batteries fade and die, they are left facing a real problem – particularly when it comes to their phones.

Stay Powered Up
Mobile phones need constant charging hence the rise in the use of branded power banks and this is the number one reason why as a promotional product a branded power bank is becoming more and more popular. And not only mobile phone but also many other tech gadgets are part of our daily routine, personal and business. We need them all to be fully charged up and ready to be used whenever and wherever we need them. Clever marketers are continuously looking for new ways to cater to the technology needs of their customers. There is no doubt that customized power banks make a great promotional gift.

Universal Connectivity
Branded power banks are perfectly compatible with any type of phones, Android or IOS but they can also be used to power up iPads, GPS devices, and other tablets. Power banks are built with USB to micro-USB connecting tech that allow them to recharge compatible devices or itself back up from the mains.

A wide range of colours and styles
Power banks can be screen-printed with a company’s logo, brand or message, thus allowing you to turn a nice tech corporate gift into an useful marketing tool. Every time the client charges up a mobile phone or a tech device (ie a daily occurrence) he or she will be reminded instantly of your business and brand Even better, you can even choose trendy power banks in bright neon shades such as orange or pink. Brands can design their promotional power banks to perfectly fit their brand and marketing campaign.

Power banks are relatively small, sleek, and slim. However, you should not underestimate their power or let their size fool you. They are able to fully recharge iPhones along with many other tech devices. You have to remember that, when it comes to mobile tech, custom power banks can help address one of your clients’ most critical needs: their need for power. Your custom power bank can provide them with the charge they need anywhere, anytime. They will no longer need to pack cables and plugs or desperately look for an mains outlet And, since it has your branding printed on it, your company will get perfect brand exposure each time they use your promotional product

Charging Cables
Promotional charging cables are also excellent promotional products which tie in nicely with powerbanks. Whilst most promotional power banks include a micro USB cable to charge themselves up, many people also opt for a multi connector charging cable too! These generally include USB to Micro USB, Lightning (iPhone) and USB C all in one cable!


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