Promotional Pens & Pencils

Promotional products such as branded personalised pens and pencils can be a great way of advertising your business or start up especially when marketing funds are limited. It can be difficult for a new business to establish itself in a competitive market, but building a presence within your industry is essential if you want your enterprise to be a success.

A pen for every occasion
The engraving process itself is carried out using a high strength laser beam, which engraves precise, delicate lettering on the barrel of the pen. Personalised engraved custom pens are one of the more unique and sophisticated promotional products available today. They have an elegant, timeless aesthetic and a high perceived value, which makes them ideal for marketing your business.

Plastic Promotional Pens
Plastic pens also make a fantastic promotional giveaway. Printing your logo up to full colour on the barrel or clip of a plastic pen is a great way to get your brand noticed! Plastic pens are one of the most inexpensive methods of promotional merchandise and will always get used either in a workplace or home environment.

If, like a lot of start ups, you want to keep costs low and avoid overspending on advertising, it's still worth investing in a small amount of these branded pens, to give to your most important customers and hardest-working employees, as printed or engraved branded pens will benefit your business and increase your ROI in many ways.

Unlike a cheaper, impersonal product, this type of promotional product is far more likely to be used and get your brand on show, this therefore will provide your company with prolonged brand exposure. The average pen writes 45,000 words...that's a lot of exposure!

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